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Dear Alena,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic accommodation you

supplied us with last week in Prague.

We were really impressed with the appartment, it was brilliant. We have

left your details with my sister in case she has other visitors who need

accomodation. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone else I

know who visits Prague.

It helped make our stay more enjoyable. Thank you again.

Best wishes


Mark Yohalem

We had a great trip! Thanks a lot for all the hospitality we were shown in Prague. We will definitely mention Athos to anyone we know going to Prague.



Alejandro Bozovich

Dear Filip:

After spending 3 days in Prague, I´d like to let you know I am quite satisfied about your services. As my first hotel choice was not available, you suggested me a good alternative, and my bill was exactly as promised.

Peter picked me up at the right time on my arrival, making me feel confortable and safe. As my return flight was departing pretty early, he was waiting at my hotel front door at 6 AM with no delay !! He also made himself sure everything was OK with my flight before saying good bye to me. Special thanks to an honest member of your team !

Looking forward to use your services again,

Alejandro Bozovich

Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Michael & Jody Schepers


Thanks so much for your help regarding our recent visit to Prague. The hotel (U Prince) was perfect; just as you described. We also greatly appreciated your assistance in providing transport from the airport and train station. I must also mention your restaurant recommendation which was FABULOUS!!!

Truly a memorable trip...thanks Athos!

Michael & Jody Schepers

Carol Taylor


The Hotel U Price was fabulous. You were right!!

The Prague people are so friendly and helpful. We were in the centre of Prague, so we could get everywhere very easily. Ive recommend your services and the Hotel to everyone. I would look to go back, maybe in the summer? You will have to let me know if any good deals come up.

It was very easy getting from the Airport to the Hotel, your public transport is so easy and cheap to use. It was great.

I hope that British Airways News we sent you is some use.

Thanks again for all your help.

Carol Taylor


Filip, I finally got some free time to send you a message after coming back from Prague. Thank you very much for your help with arranging the hotel. My parents, my wife and I really enjoyed our trip to Prague. The two weeks we spent there just flew by!

Thank you for your help.


RNDr. Edita Vranková, PhD.

Váž. pán Antoš!

Myslím,že to bola dobrá vo¾ba,keï som si ubytovanie vybrala z Vašej ponuky.Vzh¾adom na moju èinnos? v Prahe to úplne splnilo svoj úèel.Pred podobnými rozhodnutiami si zvyknem dos? podrobne preštudovat rôzne ponuky.Vašu cestovku mi trošièku podstrèil aj manžel,ktorému sa Vaša stránka páèi.Mne osobne tiež - pre jednoduchos?,preh¾adno? a samotný spôsob výberu umožòujúci zoh¾adni? rôzne kritériá zákazníka.Ale dôležitým a rozhodujúcim momentom je aj Vaša ústretová a promptná komunikácia cez internet s potenciálnym zákazníkom a snaha o poskytovanie informácií zodpovedajúcich skutoènosti (i keï jeden malièký háèik to malo - nemyslím tým d¾žeò navyše v mojom mene,ktorý sa však vyriešil k obojstrannej spokojnosti). Želám Vám preto èo najviac spokojných zákazníkov.

Srdeène Vás pozdravuje

Edita Vranková


Dear Filip,

Jinsen came home safe and sound. He had a good time at Prague and said it was a beautiful city. My husband and I would like to visit there someday. And we'd definitely use your reservation service. I can't say enough good things about your service. In fact, I just sent my praise and recommendation to Rick Steve's travel center about your personal and attentive service and speedy response.

Thank you again.



I'm back in the U.S. and wanted to thank you for the accomodations you set up. Everything worked out great and the Cerny Slon was excellent, the service and accomodations were great. Whenever you're back in Chicago send me an email and I'd be glad to show you around or have a drink.

Also, if you're ever looking for business contacts in the states to expand your service or look for new business let me know and I'd be glad to help. I think there is great demand for tours to Czech and Easter Europe from the U.S. Americans love one stop shopping. I also think there are great export opportunities of gifts and goods.



Éva Tiszeker

Dear Filip,

This is the first day after returning from Czech and I want to thank you
for everything you did for us. I really enjoyed Prague ( exluding the
gridlock on our car beacause of bad parking and the lack of heating in the
hostels) and I have to admit we had great time in your country. Prague is a
marvellous city with extremely wonderful buildings, great places and
fantastic beer! I also loved Cesky Krumlov, which is a lovely and friendly
place. Atlas was o.k., we did not mind staying there, it reminded us our
late teens travilling in Europe with a backsack, seeking for adventures!

So thanx again for your kind help, I hope to hear from you in the future (
I swear I will start to organize our trip in time next time) and if you do
not mind we will tell people about our very good experiences with Athos.

Best regards: Éva Tiszeker

W. J. Burney

I would like to thank you for the excellent service in
providing the hotel for us on our recent visit to
Prague. The hotel was outstanding! And much better
than the one requested. We were enroute and were
unable to confirm until we reached Prague, and since
we didn't know how to use the telephone, were unable
to take advantage of your offer of transportation.
Your web site is great, and I will recommend it to all
the travel sites I deal with. Sorry for the delay in
responding, but we just returned home on November 1.
Thanks again for the outstanding service.
W. J. Burney


Dear Filip,

Thanks for the email. I sincerely appreciated all your help with find us
accommodations in Prague. Also, the concert we attended was excellent. We
booked the concert based on a website you had recommended. I was very
impressed and pleased that you personally came to check on me and my guest
at the Pension. You provided world class service and I will definitely
recommend your company to all of my friends and family.

Prague is a beautiful city and we hope to come back again in the future.

Thanks again and best of luck with Athos Travel!!!

Natali Komurcuoglu

Dear Filip,
I had a great time in Prague, the pension you recommended was absolutely great, comfortable and very well located. Prague was my favorite city that I visited in Europe on my trip, I cannot find the right words to express my thoughts of Prague. I can't wait to return one day soon.
Thank you again for your great recommendation. You can be sure that I will use your services again.
Natali Komurcuoglu

Annette J. Frank

We absolutely enjoyed staying in Prague and at the room you referred us to. Peter was extremely accommodating and took all of our fears away. We thought we'd have a hard time because we do not speak Czech, come to find out it wasn't a problem at all.
We are planning on returning very soon and spending several days in Prague. Your city is the most beautiful one we visited and this includes Wien. We will definitely use your services again.
Thank you for your help.
Annette J. Frank

Great - thank you, Filip! I must say: One will hardly find a travel agency
with such a quick & personal service as yours! Including a special
photographers´ section. ;-))

Mark and Jennie Miller

We want to let you know how much we liked our pension Golden Stag in Prague. We
told other travelers we met who were planning to go to Prague about your
website and wish you the best of luck with your business.

Mark and Jennie Miller

Jason Allen - Gary Rosche

Gary and I just wanted to thank you for helping us
find a place to stay. We will be leaving today for
Barcelona around 10:00 p.m. Prague was the most
beautiful city I have ever seen. Yet, our stay was
even more pleasurable because of the wonderful
accomodations we had. The hotel and service was
impeccable and the location was great. Thank you once
again for your help and we will e-mail you the next
time we come to Praha. We will also recommend you to
our friends or family if they ever choose to visit
Praha. Thank you and have a great day,

Jason Allen - Gary Rosche


Dear Filip:

The purpose of the present is to thank you again for all the invaluable
help received from you during our recent trip to your country. It was an
incredible trip and we had the opportunity to know your beautiful country,
but the most important and worth was the fabolous people who extended their
courtesys, polytness and love to our persons. These fact make the tourist
to acquainted with a different mirror of the country.
We hope to see you and your family coming to Mexico, and we will try that
you watch our country through our eyes.

Jose y Martha Moreno



Dear Filip,

this is really very nice of you and you can be very sure, that we'll
contact you again for our next (first) stay in Prague. I really
appreciated your service (very fast and reliable) and I'll recommend
you to all my friends who are planning to make a trip to Prague.

Thank you very much again!

Best regards,

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