Client testimonials


Dear Filip:

The purpose of the present is to thank you again for all the invaluable
help received from you during our recent trip to your country. It was an
incredible trip and we had the opportunity to know your beautiful country,
but the most important and worth was the fabolous people who extended their
courtesys, polytness and love to our persons. These fact make the tourist
to acquainted with a different mirror of the country.
We hope to see you and your family coming to Mexico, and we will try that
you watch our country through our eyes.

Jose y Martha Moreno



Dear Filip,

this is really very nice of you and you can be very sure, that we'll
contact you again for our next (first) stay in Prague. I really
appreciated your service (very fast and reliable) and I'll recommend
you to all my friends who are planning to make a trip to Prague.

Thank you very much again!

Best regards,

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