Direct help with food to the people of Kiev

It costs as little as 11 EUR to make a big help 

The hotel Campus Community A-Hotel in Kyiv iis using donations  to serve food to trapped city residents as staff continue to work through air raids and military attacks to deliver 15,000 meals a day..

Campus Community A-Hotel

Campus Community A-Hotel in the city centre uses money donated through Airbnb and also through our service (through which customers have already sent 3.300 EUR to the hotel) to keep their kitchen open and cook food for military personnel, hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes in Kyiv.

Donations through Airbnb lets hotel serve 15,000 meals a day to people of  Kyiv | The Independent

Ukraine war: Leeds man praises Airbnb as he donates to Kyiv hotel feeding  the city's residents | Yorkshire Evening Post

Staff members preparing food at the Campus Community A-Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine, who are using donations coming through Airbnb to serve food to the city of Kyiv.

One of the hotel’s owners, Artur Gabovich, told England's PA news agency he was very grateful for the donations that have come from people around the world and that the hotel staff would never give up working to provide food for Kyiv residents. “It shows big support for our country, for our people, and for what is going on. People are booking rooms, and they consider it a donation because nobody will come to a hotel right now - of course, we're in the centre of a war," he added.

You can support them and help the people of Kyiv by making and paying for a reservation you will not use at  Campus Community A-Hotel

Thank you very much

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