Ubytovanie Belehrad

Toto je orientačná ponuka najviac rezervovaného ubytovania v destinaci Belehrad za poslednú dobu a je radená od najlacnejšieho ubytovania až po najdrahšie hotely. Pre výber ubytovania podľa Vašich preferencií odporúčame vyberať z celkom 2 374 ponúk ubytovanie v Belehrad. Po zadaní dát svojho pobytu a použitie filtra si môžete vybrať najlepšie možné ubytovanie v destinácii Belehrad. Zadaný dátum pobytu je pre presný výber miesta na prespanie kľúčové, pretože sa od neho odvíjajú všetky on-line informácie o cenách a obsadenosti ubytovania. Vybrané miesta na prenocovanie (hotely, apartmány a pod.) je potom možné ihneď rezervovať.

Belehrad, Srbsko
108 hotelov, 1860 apartmánov, 53 penziónov a 183 ďalších možností ubytovania
Hodnotenie návštevníkov 92% na základe 152,619 hodnotení,
Cena od 5 EUR

Belgrade Guide

Belgrade (Beograd inSerbian) is the capital and at the same time the largest city of Serbia. It is situated at the confluence of two big rivers, the Danube and Sava on the area of 360 square km. The population along with the entire agglomeration is approximately 1.8 million.

Accommodation in Belgrade

In Belgrade, we can offer you over 140 options of accommodation in hotels of all categories, but also guesthouses, apartments or hostels. The choice is really very diverse. Luxury hotels located mainly in the city center offer a wide range of services at a high level, and will satisfy the demanding clientele. For clients on business trips, there are available elegant hotels near the airport Nikola Tesla. The apartments are a good option for privacy lovers or for families. You can find them both in the center and in the outskirts of the city. A unique and one of the most famous hotels is named Moscow  and is located on the boulevard Terazije. Many accommodations are also offered in the quarter of artists and bohemians, Skadarlija. The list of the absolutely most favorite hotels in the city include the already mentioned Hotel Moskva and Beograd Art Hotel, Hotel Nevski, Life Design Hotel, Beograd IN Hotel or the Hotel Majestic.

Weather in Belgrade

Belgrade is located in a temperate continental climate with an average annual temperature of around 12 ° C. The  hottest months are usually July and August, when the temperatures can exceed even 30 °C.

History of Belgrade

The city of Belgrade can show off a rich history. The first settlement here was already in the times of the Celts. The area was colonized very soon, mainly thanks to its advantageous strategic position between two water shores. At the time of the Roman Empire, the town was named Singidunum, which means the white city. Belgrade came under the Byzantine Empire after the 6th century. However, after the fall of Constantinople (today's Istanbul), Slavs began migrating to the city. In 1284 Belgrade was declared the capital of Serbia. Not only the city itself but the whole country Serbia flourished and later became a major silver mining area. In 1521 Belgrade was conquered by the Turks. For another century the town was ruled by the Ottomans and Austrians as well. In 1806 Belgrade once again became the capital of the so-called New Serbia. Since local residents resented the influence of previous cultures, they destroyed a large number of buildings and historical architecture pieces. Because of that, there are almost no monuments older than 200 years in the city.

Transport to Belgrade

12 km from the center of Belgrade is Nikola Tesla Airport. Belgrade's leading airline will appoint Jat Airways and operates flights to nearly 40 destinations worldwide. Among other major airlines we can bring Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Alitalia. From the airport to the city you will get buses, minibuses or taxis. Belgrade's main train station is 2 km away from Republic Square (Trg Republike). Since Belgrade is situated at the junction of two rivers, a water transport is also very popular. Especially amongst the tourists, as there are many attractions along the river banks. If you wish to travel within the city, you can use public buses, trams and trolleybuses. Belgrade suburbs are connected to city center by railway track, which has 6 lines and runs regularly every 30 minutes.

Monuments in Belgrade

Belgrade is a city with a rich history, but in terms of buildings, you will not find here any historical treasures. When visiting the city, you can not miss the large complex Kalemagdan, which is a large park located in the city center. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the rivers. The park has a small zoo and even a military museum. As the park was formerly intended for military purposes. A building that is worth mentioning is the Cathedral of Sts. Sava, which is located on the Sts.Sava square. Other municipal buildings and attractions include the Palace of Serbia, Old Palace, which is now the seat of urban authorities, Avala Tower measuring 204.5 meters or the Belgrade Cooperative, which is an art nouveau building and the seat of the oldest urban banks. The town also has more than a dozen of interesting museums. You can visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla, Yugoslav Aviation Museum, the Serbian National Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. Skadarlija is the name of the street, where you can find many city bohemians and artists. You will also find enough restaurants, bars and cozy cafes here.

Cultural and sporting events in Belgrade

Belgrade organizes throughout the year many cultural and sport events. For music lovers there are even some festivals. The most famous are the Belgrade Film Festival (FEST) or Belgrade Music Festival (BEMUS). The town also welcomes a lot of sporting events each year. For example the Eurobasket in 2005, European Championship in water polo in 2006 and many more. All major sporting events are held in the sports arena (Belgrade Arena). Belgrade is also the home of two major football teams, Partyzan Belgrade and Red Stars Belgrade.

Famous personalities of Belgrade

Famous natives of the city include the writer and historian Milorad Pavić or the well known successful tennis player Novak Djokovic.

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