Certificate of quality

A-HOTEL.com has been providing accommodation around the world since 2000. Every month our website https://www.a-hotel.com/ is visited by 600 thousand to 1 million visitors (depending on the season) from all over the world.

Part of our website are the ratings of our clients for individual accommodation. And it turns out that these ratings are increasingly important and often crucial when choosing accommodation for site visitors.

We fully understand this selection tactic on the part of the client and consider it correct. After all who else can evaluate the quality of accommodation independently and from all possible points of view better than the client himself who has personal experience with accommodation?

Therefore, we decided to support accommodation facilities that have been above standard for a long time and have prepared a quality certificate for them.

Example of appearance

Studies have shown that people trust websites that display such certificates (both known and unknown) more to show how trustworthy or important they are. This is especially common when it comes to e-commerce websites where the constant need for trust as the urge to buy is very important. Therefore these certificates have a direct role in increasing conversion rates which means that more visitors to the site turn into real customers after visiting the site.

As our goal is to separate quality from mediocrity we have chosen a strict criterion of 85% client rating satisfaction with a current minimum of 5 ratings. If the accommodation rated in this way includes yours, we would like to offer you this opportunity to highlight your quality and credibility. This will increase your chances against the competition.

How to do it? The procedure is very simple, just fill the form. We will verify that the evaluation of your accommodation really meets the required criteria. Then we will send you the generated code by email with your unique certificate, which you will insert on your website at the location of your choice. We recommend the home page and then the pages where the order itself takes place as the most suitable for placement, as the trust of the bookers is most important there.

We hope that you like our idea and that together we will help create a trustworthy environment for booking quality accommodation in an online environment.

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