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San Marino, San Marino
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Guide San Marino

San Marino can boast the title “The oldest republic in the world” and “The smallest republic in Europe”. It is located in northeastern Italy, on an area of ​​almost 62 km2. The population is approximately 33,000. The capital city of the Republic of San Marino has the same name and is situated in the western part of the country. The population is just over four thousand.

Accommodation in San Marino

In the beautiful and popular tourist town of San Marino, we can offer a range of nice hotels or residences. You can find them in the historic center around the walls, or also, close to Piazzale Cava Antica. The accommodation is modern, yet stylish. Some of accommodation offer views of the historic center of San Marino or tower. In hotel restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Italian delicacies such as fish, pasta and homemade cakes. Many hotels and residences have swimming pools, wellness centers and other entertainment and relaxation facilities. One of the most popular and most famous hotels in San Marino is Grand Hotel San Marino, located close to the old town, or a cozy Titano Hotel, that is situated in the city center. For less demanding clients, we can offer hostels for favorable prices. The most favorite hotels in the city are: Garden Village San Marino, Hotel Rossi, Rosa Hotel, Grand Hotel Primavera, Joli Hotel or the Hotel Cesare.

History of San Marino

City of San Marino was founded in 301 by Saint Marino and a few other Christian refugees. At that time, San Marino was surrounded by three fortresses, namely La Guaita, La Cesta and Il Montale. In 1253 San Marino became a republic. Although the city was founded in 301, the constitution was valid from year 1600. In 1862, San Marino concluded with Italy customs union. The history of San Marino is very closely connected with the history of Italy, which was unified in an independent state in the 19th century.

How to get to San Marino

San Marino has open borders, but if you want to spend in the territory more than 20 days, it is required to settle a permit from the government. The nearest airport is located in Rimini (Rimini International Airport), which is 20 km away. Other airports can be found in Bologna, Ancona and Forli. If you go to San Marino by car, you will not be subject to any border checks. As for parking, it is in most cases free. However, it is prohibited to drive a car into a city center. San Marino has a very good bus connections with the city of Rimini. Buses on this route runs at regular intervals. There is an interesting cableway that leads to a nearby and second-largest city of San Marino - Borgo Maggiore.

Monuments of San Marino

San Marino is a beautiful historic town with many monuments and other attractions located in the city center. The largest buildings are three forts - La Guaita, La Cesta and Il Montale, that once served to defend the city. Forts are located on the tops of Monte Titano. Other places that are definitely worth a visit are the Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo dei Capitani, Basilica del Santo, St Francis church, the Church of San Pietro. The city also has a few small squares such as the Piazza del Titano and Piazza Garibaldi.

Sport in San Marino

City of San Marino has two soccer teams, S.S. Murata and S. P. Tre Penne. Every year, the city hosts grand prix Formula 1.

Famous personalities of San Marino

Famous personalities that are associated with the city are: the architect Giovanni Battista Belluzzi and also Giuliano Gozi, a former foreign minister of the city.

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