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Rovinj, Croacia
15 hoteles, 667 apartamentos, 11 pensiones y 156 otras ofertas de alojamiento
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Rovinj Guide

Rovinj is a port city located in Istria on the Adriatic coast. Around 14 thousand people inhabit an area of 88 square km  here. A relatively large minority here is formed by the Italians. This picturesque town is a destination for many tourists, mainly thanks to its ancient, historical appearance, but also because of the sought-after Mediterranean climate.

Accommodation in Rovinj

In the popular Croatian Rovinj, we can offer you a wide variety of accommodations. Go ahead and choose from any hotels, popular apartments, guest houses or residences. The largest representation in our offer are apartments, which are spread throughout the city. The most attractive apartments are found on a peninsula near the Church of St. Eufemija (Sveta Eufemija) and St. Thomas (Svetog Tome). Prices range from 40 EUR for two persons per night (smaller apartments) up to 200 EUR per multiple bedroom apartments. The apartments offer comfortable accommodation suitable for families or larger groups of people. Some of them have even swimming pools, while others have beautiful balconies overlooking the sea or the nearby island of St. Catherine. The hotels are located mainly along the coast and in the historic city center. Four-star hotels have a wellness center, playground and also offer a variety of land and water sports activities. In restaurants, you can savor the local Croatian food specialties, local wines and traditional aniseed-flavored raki. Our clients in Rovinj found to like the most this selection of accommodations: Polari Mobile Homes, Hotel Eden, Island Hotel Istra, Hotel Arupinum, Monte Mulini Hotel, Residence Porta Antica, Villa Monsena, Casa Alice or the Marea.

The history of Rovinj

Rovinj formerly lay on a small island named Mons Albanus. Little room for the development of cities has forced local residents to the construction of narrow houses, but also the streets, which today characterize the city to give it a romantic touch. The first official mention about the city comes from the 7th century, when the town carried the name Ruigno. In 1797 Rovinj fell under Austria-Hungary. Between 1920 - 1943 it belonged to Italy, then to Germany for two years and only since 1945 to Croatia. In 1963 Rovinj was declared a cultural monument.

Transportation to Rovinj

The nearest airport, 30 km distant from Rovinj, is in Pula. As already mentioned, Rovinj is a port city. The ship transportation is provided by Venezia Lines company that connects Rovinj with Venice and rides between these two cities at regular intervals. The cruise lasts approximately 2 hours. Smaller shippers sail further to the nearby islands of Katarina and Crveni otok (Red Island), which includes, along with other islands and towns in the so-called agglomeration of Rovinj.

Transport around Rovinj

Regarding urban transportation. Bus rides are the only possible connections to Rovinj from the surrounding cities. The town has narrow streets, so it is the easiest to move around on foot. For a relatively low price, you can rent bikes and find a lot of nice bicycle trails.

Sights, attractions and activities in Rovinj

The highest point of the city and also its landmark is called St. Euphemia (Fuma or Sveta Eufemija), built in the 18th century. Another monument is the Arc Balbi, located on the square near the marina, along with the town hall built in the Baroque style.  However, the oldest monument in the town, dating from the 13th century, is a Romanesque chapel of the St.Trinity), which can be found on the square Na lokvi. Rovinj is a seaside town with beautiful rocky beaches, which is typical for Croatia. Some of them were even awarded by the socalled Blue Flag which is an award for nature conservation, sea purity, tidiness around etc. Rovinj can be also a great option for active people who enjoy doing all kinds of sport. You can choose from a wide range of water and land sports. As far as entertainment and organized events, worth mentioning are the Fishermen's festivities, which are music festivals, where you can enjoy fish specialties. They are held almost every day from 20:00 to 24:00. In July and August, Rovinj is full of cultural summer concerts and exhibitions.

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