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Gante, Bélgica
37 hoteles, 38 apartamentos, 30 pensiones y 26 otras ofertas de alojamiento
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Guide Ghent

The Belgian city Ghent is situated at the confluence of the Scheldt and Leia rivers, approximately 55 kilometers from Brussels. Population reaches up to 250 thousand. Gent is situated on an area of ​​approximately 156 km2. This port is the administrative center of the Flemish province of East Flanders. Medieval walls, architectural treasures, canals, all this and much more you can enjoy in Ghent.

Accommodation in Ghent

In Ghent, we offer a wide range of accommodation. In addition to the luxury hotels that belong to worldwide hotel chains such as Marriott, NH - NH Gent Sint Pieters, Best Western Residence Cour St Georges, we have many cozy and affordable hotels, guesthouses, apartments and hostels. Most accommodation is located in the center of town near landmarks and attractions such as St Bavo's Cathedral (St-Baafskathedraal), the Design Museum (Design Museum), Belfry (Belfort) and Town Hall (Stadhuis). Very popular location is also Graslei waterfront, where you can find guild houses from the 12th century. If you are traveling by train or car, we can offer you accommodation nearby the train station Gent-Sint-Pieters or Gent-Dampoort or highways E40 and E17. In our offer you can also find apartments suitable for both individual clients and also for larger groups or families with children. There are small studios, multiple bedroom apartments and lofts as well. Clients, that are seeking The most popular accommodation in the city is for example ibis Gent Centrum Opera, Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof, Ghent Marriott Hotel, Gent Centrum Novotel, Holiday Inn Gent Expo or Aparthotel Castelnou.

History of Ghent

According to historical and archaeological evidence was the area inhabited as early as in the Stone Age. The Romans conquered this place until the 5th century. An important role in the history played St. Amadeus, who was a missionary and a former nobleman, he founded two of the Abbeys in Ghent. Because of the Abbeys, Ghent has become a safe and popular place for life. Population then grew, also there increased a number of traders from abroad. Between 879 and 883, Vikings repeatedly plundered the town and also both Abbeys. Later, a fortress was built to protect the town and gradually people began to settle along the rivers Scheldt and Leia. Gent has become very important due to its production of cloth, that was exported to Germany, France and North Africa. In 1180, count Philip Alsace rebuilt the wooden fortress to stone castle. Another important personality was the English King Edward III., who became King of France on the occasion of his invitation to Ghent in 1340. Ghent is also a birthplace of Charles V, who later became Holy Roman Emperor. In 1584, there was officially declared Catholicism as the main religion. 18th and 19th centuries were years of industrial development of Ghent.

How to get to Ghent

The nearest airport is in Brussels, approx. 55 km away. The most common way how to get from European cities to Ghent is by train. There are direct train connections from Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Lille. In Ghent, you can find two train stations - Gent-Dampoort and Gent-Sint-Pieters. From Brussels, you can get to Ghent also by car, the journey takes about 40 minutes. If you go to Ghent by bus, you can use two major bus companies - Eurolines or Megabus. These companies operate buses going to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne. For the transport around the city you can use trams, trolleybuses, buses or taxis. Very popular s also to travel a bicycle.

Sights, attractions and activities in Ghent

Ghent is a beautiful, historic town, offering visitors many sights and interesting places to visit. Romantic experience is a walk on an embankment Graslei along the canal, where you can admire old guild houses originating from the 12th century. Another nice place is Bridge St. Michel offering views of the three towers of Ghent - St. Bavo (St-Baafskathedraal) belfry (Belfort) and the church Nicholas (St-Niklaaskerk). In Gent, you can also find a large number of museums, for example Psychiatry Museum, the Museum of Industry and Textiles and Design Museum. Other important buildings are the Town Hall (Stadhuis), Gravensteen Castle and Church of Sv. Anny. Belgium is well known for its production of chocolate or also beers. In Ghent, you can visit many renowned restaurants, bars and pubs. We can recommend the brasserie or Bierhuis also de Trollekelder.

Sport in Ghent

Ghent is a home to two football clubs - K.A.A. Gent and KRC Gent-Zeehaven. Each year the city hosts the prestigious cycling race Six Days of Flanders. The largest sports facility in the town is Flanders Sports Arena.

Famous personalities of Ghent

Ghent is associated with various celebrities. We can for example mention painters Jan van Eyck or Caspar de Crayer, writers Frans de Potter or Jans de Franc Willems, athlete Cédric Van Branteghem, cyclist Bradley Wiggins or football player Kevin De Bruyne.

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