Menorca - tips for holidays

Why - beautiful beaches, clean sea, less tourists than on the surrounding islands

Airport - there is only 1 airport on the island, in the capital city of Mahón (Maó). The airport is small and you can easily find your way there.

Where to stay - this is quite difficult question, because the choice is huge. Each part of the island is different. It depends on whether you prefer the northern coast with craggy cliffs and smaller rocky beaches. Or you prefer the lighter and milder southern coast with long sandy beaches. Another option is to stay inland, for example in a typical small white house. The island is only 50 km long and 16 km wide, so you don't have to worry about being far from the cost.

The northern coast - here I would recommend the town of Fornells, where the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, went for the local famous caldereta lobster soup. A picturesque fishing bay with plenty of fish restaurants is complemented by a reconstructed watchtower, which you can visit for a small fee and learn more about the eternal battles for the island.

North coast with typical fence - Menorca
North coast with typical fence

The southern coast - Son Bou, the longest Menorca beach, stretches out on the south coast. Nudists can also enjoy themselves here. In the southeast, the fishing village of Binibequer Vell is definitely worth a visit with lots of picturesque corners and great restaurants.

Son Bou, the longest beach in Menorca
Son Bou, the longest beach in Menorca

The West Coast - it's short, but beautiful. Here you can find the former capital of Ciutedella, which has remained the ecclesiastical center of the island. The local architecture perfectly combines all the cultural influences that have passed through here.

You can often find capers on the northwest coast
You can often find capers on the northwest coast

The east coast – dominated by the capital of Mahón, where we find the longest natural harbor in Europe. The advantage of Mahón is that it is located near the airport and you can get from there all over the island by local buses.

Active tourism - Menorca is also a great place for active tourists who are not satisfied with just hitting the beach. The well-marked horse trail (Camí de Cavalls), 186 km long, will take you around the entire island. You can reach hidden beaches and nature reserves along it, and it also passes through the two largest cities of Ciutadella and Mahon. Some sections can also be traveled by bicycle or, as in the Middle Ages, on horseback.

A horse trail stretching around the whole Menorca island
A horse trail stretching around the whole island

Local products – queso Mahón (Maó), local cow's milk cheese
- Avarcas leather sandals in many different designs
- Xoriguer gin – you have unlimited free tastings at the local liquor store in Mahón
- wooden products from the wild olive tree
- the already mentioned lobster caldereta soup

Summary - Menorca cooks great. Lovers of both active and passive holidays will find something to their liking. The locals are nice and friendly, you can usually communicate in English.
Menorca is simply the ideal place for a holiday from spring to autumn :)

Personal experiences - be careful when swimming in the sea. You can come across jellyfish quite often. And not only her... While diving, I met stingrays twice, and one lady was caught by an octopus! The lady roared, started kicking, the octopus released a black mist and disappeared... The lady had red wheels on her leg, but she didn't mind at all. She liked that until the end of her stay no one called her anything other than Octopus :)

Farewell from Camí de Cavalls :)
Farewell from Camí de Cavalls :)



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